Scott Burd


Supply chain professional with over 20 years in Procurement, Planning, and Inventory Control environments for a variety of different type companies and in various capacities. I'm well experienced in WCM principles, JIT, Kan-Ban, MRP, FIFO, BOM creation, ECO, RFQ, E/O and I’m experienced with SAP.
In the variety of positions I’ve held, I’ve had frequent opportunities to work with both External and Internal Customers.
I’ve managed departments with several personnel, which taught me how to work with people effectively in a team atmosphere and I’m also very capable to work alone to get things done, as needed.

For the past 10yrs, I have been operating my own physical therapy practice in Colorado, but I’m currently looking to transition back into a corporate environment. Creating, building and operating my own private practice has taught me many valuable skills as well, which are transferrable in many areas of opportunities outside a private practice and into a corporate environment.
I understand much better on a deeper level what it takes to create, operate and manage a business. This function has led to very valuable, effective and strong communication and customer skills, which benefit me in work and life.