Nancy Gere


I thrive on uncovering the authentic essence of a brand and translating that into why it matters to
consumers. I am a skilled brand manager who has combined marketing communications, advertising,
public relations, digital marketing, and retail sales promotion to effectively increase brand awareness
for a wide variety of products and services for more than 30 years. I believe in research-backed strategic
planning and detail-oriented implementation of marketing tactics. I have demonstrated excellent
written and verbal communication skills; I value working in teams, fostering an environment of trust,
and leveraging each team members' skills to consistently exceed expectations.

I learned to snowboard in 1989 and was immediately hooked. The sport allowed me to soak in the
beauty of the mountains and feel the rush of adrenaline. Soon thereafter I began competing in the
Green Mountain Series of USASA, followed by the NorCal and Central California Series, advancing to the
USASA National Championships twice. I've been an avid snowboard helmet consumer since before it was
popular to wear helmets. I fully believe in the product because it allows me to push my limits while
enjoying a sense of safety and security. I see a quality helmet (and goggles) as a ticket to enjoying the
sport that makes me feel at once exhilarated and at peace. I would be thrilled to apply my marketing
and branding expertise to Giro Sport Design snow products.