Caroline Cueter


Over the last ten years i've been actively growing within the Hospitality Industry. I've had experience working in large cities like Philadelphia and Detroit, while spending the last four years in a small, community driven beach town. The Hospitality industry has taught me about prioritization, swift problem-solving, communication, humility, and having a strong sense of cultural awareness. Over the years, i've been able to develop my teams by building trust, understanding the importance of strong communication, and the ability to multi-task. Over the last two years, i've gained control over accounts where building strong relationships with buyers and distributors has allowed me to develop a creative freedom. I currently run the beer program for my restaurant group and having a strong personal relationships with local/national breweries and sales reps is at the core of our program. I'm currently seeking employment where I can transition my love for human connection into the environment was well. I'm currently looking to get my certification as a Forest School Teacher but am open to opportunities surrounding Outdoor Education as well.