Anna Zettergren


Innovative strategist and program manager with 15+ years of global program and project management experience across private, enterprise, not-for-profit and public sector organizations. Proven ability to achieve business objectives, engage stakeholders, build relationships and lead global cross-functional teams and projects to success. Passionate about innovation, global health, social justice, sustainable business practices, data-driven strategies, and collaboration that maximizes business potential and quality of life for everyone.

CSR Reporting | Sustainability Metrics Framework | Clean Energy Certification | Carbon Reduction | Alternative Fuels | Transportation Logistics | Global Program Management | Process Development/Improvement | Change Management | Product Development & Launch | Partner Collaboration | Onboarding | Field Readiness | Business Value Management | Business Analysis | Market Research

MBA in Sustainable Systems (Organizational Leadership) with Renewable Energy Certificate
Proven track record of successfully executing complex strategies and programs in global multi-cultural environments
Talent for aligning technical and non-technical stakeholders to a shared vision for high value deliveries
Solutions focused proactive problem solver who leads with a collaborative approach
Extensive global and multicultural experience – languages: Swedish (bi-lingual) | French (basic) | Spanish (basic)

Guided client to award-winning CRS Report by providing metrics framework, data collection, and effective data-driven storytelling
Developed sustainability metrics framework and roadmap for local Port client, supporting client’s certification and other strategic goals
Successfully introduced new global business value management program and sales methodology with Fortune 500 client resulting in 50% higher closing rates, 25% shorter sales cycle and 30% less discounting.
Managed outreach program that grew user community by 30+% year over year, generated 100K+ blog views for technical blog, successfully shifted monthly community events to virtual and increase attendance by 35%,
Managed global field and partner marketing readiness programs for four successful product launches at Fortune 500 company
Developed global relationship marketing plans that improved conversion rates by 200% and increased customer retention by 300%


INFLUENCE & OUTREACH PROGRAM MANAGER – AZURE GOV | Synaxis Consulting/BPC Seattle, Nov 2017-June 2020

Manage development and execution of cloud adoption GTM and outreach programs across customers, partners, and developers to build market momentum for Microsoft Azure Government.
> PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Stakeholder Engagement, GTM and Outreach Strategy, Partner Collaboration, Process/Workflow
Development, Internal/External Marketing, Blog Management, Speaker Engagement, Program Reporting, Event Management
> COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Monthly community events, Online community, Customer success stories & knowledge sharing
> GOVERNMENT FOCUSED CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Blog Strategy, Content Plan, Blog Management, Partner Joint-marketing Collaboration, Blog Contributor Recruitment, Managed Successful Blog Platform Migration

BUSINESS VALUE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM MANAGER | Bridge Partners Consulting (BPC) Seattle, April 2016-Oct 2017

Developed, implemented and managed a new global business value management (BVM) program with Microsoft Dynamics, leading a shift in sales methodology resulting in significantly improved effectiveness of high-value sales organization.
> PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Stakeholder Engagement, Business Strategy, Process/Workflow Development, Internal/External Marketing, Data Analysis, Partner Collaboration, Program Reporting, Event Management
> CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Existing sales process/methodology analysis, change management strategy, Identify/recruit internal evangelists/leaders, Integration of BVM methodology & curriculum into existing onboarding process
BUSINESS VALUE MANAGEMENT: Business value assessments, Financial analysis, Capability/Value mapping (Business Outcome)
> FIELD TRAINING & ONBOARDING: Training Strategy & Curriculum, Stakeholder & Partner Engagement, Program Execution

SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS CONSULTANT | Soaring Future Seattle, Sept 2014–Dec 2016

Scope 5 – Subcontract
Guide organizations to improved sustainable operations performance utilizing best-practices and the Scope 5 web-based data capture, tracking and reporting tool. Collaborate with clients on effective data-driven storytelling that actualizes client objectives.

Port of Olympia - Sustainability Baseline Assessment, Metrics Framework and Sustainability Roadmap
> SUSTAINABILITY METRICS FRAMEWORK & BASELINE: Developed sustainability metrics framework, collected initial data based on framework and established sustainability baseline that will guide future port strategies and prepare client for certifications.
> STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS: Conducted internal (port employees and tenants) and external (partners, local businesses, local government agencies, community organizations and local politicians) stakeholder analysis including both primary interviews and secondary research.
> REPORTING TOOLS/STANDARDS ASSESSMENT: Assessed relevant CSR standards, regional requirements, government policy and sustainability tracking programs.
> SUSTAINABILITY ROADMAP: Recommend actionable short term and long-term initiatives based on assessment findings, industry standards, certification/compliance needs, market analysis, political/economic climate as well as overall port strategy

Port of Seattle - Aviation Biofuels Viability Study

> SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS: Feedstock, Technology Pathways, Downstream Logistics, Distribution, Regulation, Policy
> STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Collaborated directly with airport staff, airlines, OEMs, fuel logistics companies, fuel producers, government agencies, science/research institutions and other stakeholders to assess viable aviation biofuels options
> BUSINESS ANALYSIS: Analyzed policy, regulations, certifications, business models, market situation and economic climate that impact successful transition from R&D to commercialization of aviation biofuels

SR. MARKETING PROGRAM MANAGER | Swift Group Marketing Seattle, Sept 2010-May 2014

Developed and implemented innovative global relationship marketing programs for the Microsoft Developer Tools Marketing group. Also managed programs related to on-boarding and collaboration within the global marketing manager community at Microsoft.
> STRATEGY & PLANNING: Developed and implemented annual strategy and global relationship marketing plans that doubled activated customer accounts and increased customer retention by 300%
> PRODUCT LAUNCH & FIELD READINESS: Managed the trial registration process, relationship marketing email/online campaigns and field readiness for four successful Visual Studio product launches that launched on time and exceeded performance targets
> ON-BOARDING & PRODUCTIVITY: Designed and implemented successful global on-boarding program that accelerated the product marketing manager onboarding process by 50% and improved performance.

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