Shobhit Sharma


From first job as a counter boy in a coffee shop in 1998 to leading a global environmental agriculture brand and its operations as country head in 2020. A global award winner in customer innovation and experience in Seattle in 2019. With over 22 years of hands-on experience, I have rich expertise in business strategy, heading customer service and customer experience operations for a 4000+ organization, servant leadership, solving big organization problems, P&L management, client relationship management, impact sourcing, innovation and strategic approach for driving business functions across Govt and private sector. I made a conscious effort in following my passion to work in a people management role and working closely with senior Govt officials, bureaucrats, Industry leaders, members of parliament and chief ministers on growing the rural economy by bringing growing the BPO sector in hinterland and bringing jobs to Indian rural youth who mostly belong to farming families. I have been fortunate to lead big teams of 4000+ employees across 20 locations in 8 states of India and served Indian as well as global customers, help and empower 25,000 rural boys and girls to earn their livelihood year on year and bring economic sustainability to more than 1,00,000 citizens in 20 villages in India. I have developed extensive experience in managing a big organization while I worked with the founder and the board of RuralShores. A life-long athlete and a sportsman, I continue to learn from failures and constantly working on self-improvement through books and real-life experiences while helping others be their world class best, I am often appreciated by school, college mates and colleagues for being a servant leader since high school.