Ryan Henry


My last NIKE Business cards read "Apparel Product Designer". However, that's an intentionally vague description of a career that started with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Industrial Design and spans 17+ years and multiple roles within two of the biggest brands in the performance consumer goods industry.

With experience designing all types of soft goods product from apparel to bags, socks to hats, protectors to gloves and more, I've gained a variety of experiences, knowledge of various methods of make and manufacturing process and techniques, and somewhat of an expertise in protective and durable apparel and goods. I have helped planned product roadmaps, built calendars for design processes, and collaborated across a multitude of partner teams internally and externally to the brands I've worked for. At my last employer I was named as an inventor on 14 utility patents over my 9.5 yrs there. I am confident in Adobe creative Suite, CLO3D, Rhino3D, Sketchbook, as well as Microsoft Office and Iwork.

Who am I as a designer? I consider myself a multi-disciplinary designer who specializes in Performance Soft Goods and Apparel design, Protective Apparel design, graphic layout, Product design, Industrial Design, essentially a problem solving creative who creates performance minded solutions to athlete/consumer insight driven problems.

Who Am I as a person? I'm a Husband and father of two amazing kids (11yr old daughter and 6yr old son), and former competitive swimmer and amateur triathlete who still runs/cycles regularly. A total gear-head with a passion for things with wheels (with and without engines/motors) who races motorcycles at an amateur level and has slowly been restoring a classic car. I also have a taste for all things chips and salsa!

What product solutions can I help you with?