Sian Bradbury


Post-graduate student currently completing dissertation: Title: 'Design and development of a serum amyloid A (SAA) proof-of- concept biosensor for the detection of inflammation in the human body'. Awarded membership of Golden Key International Honors Society for academic performance. Rapidly adapted to change on converting from Mechatronic Engineering to Electrical Engineering masters studies and swiftly grasped new technical knowledge in preparation for international conference within first year of studies. Execute systematic, innovative, and strategic thinking to analyze and interpret scientific data. Experienced in participating in brainstorming meetings to identify solutions and to resolve complexity. Inspire team members to collaborate and contribute towards the success of projects. Experienced in planning projects and delegating to strengths of individuals to achieve common goals Place a high premium on meeting commitments and paying attention to detail to ensure presenting accurate and quality assignments. Meet deadlines through efficiently planning and prioritizing and by remaining self-motivated. Eagerly share knowledge and skilled in transferring complex information in an understandable manner to students at diverse levels of understanding such as teaching robotics to school learners. Adopted a positive orientation to bridge challenges during Covid-19 pandemic and mentored new masters' students through assisting them with literature studies, laboratory orientation, and to adapt to change. Successfully bridged challenges to complete Masters' degree such as faulty electrodes, delayed finance stream, and molecule planned for not being available. Embrace opportunities of learning by engaging with strong mentors, concluding research, attending conferences and courses, completing leadership training, and travelling abroad. Initiated and organized hiking events to motivate individuals challenged by the effect of lockdown. Perform all duties with honesty and integrity and always display respect for diversity in people and cultures.