Monica Strohschein


The opportunity to design and implement creative campaigns for exceptional and diverse companies is what I have aspired to and prepared for throughout my time in the advertising hub of Dallas, TX. Challenging myself with college athletics, a rigorous advertising agency job, and different restaurant industry positions, I have sought to further my intellectual curiosity while expanding my business acumen. My desire to affect change and bring value to the team is apparent in everything I do.

As a lead marketing coordinator for Raze Media, I drew upon my knowledge and creativity to fulfill my role and surpass all expectations given to me. By synthesizing market conditions, I delivered comprehensive presentations with preemptive action items leading to strong restructuring of clients’ sales tactics. This experience confirmed my passion for defining needs within a company's’ marketing structure and redesigning successful advertising strategies.

I enjoy problem solving, collaborating with people, and decision making in high-pressure situations. I am a driven individual and strive for excellence. I have a strong aptitude for solid teamwork and have led a teams of professionals in competitive analysis for large clients. With these traits in my arsenal, I am able to direct efficient teams and perform under direct pressure of company CEO’s.