YT Lee


My Careers had been covering the wide area in Technology Project Management and Technology
Operations Management such as IT Operation, IT Planning, IT Program/Project management, ITIL Process
consultant & QA, IT Security operation management, Service Operation Management, Technology Service
Desk(Helpdesk) Setup & Operation Management, Customer relationship management, Product
Management, People Management for around 19 years. In addition, I also had experience in retail market of
operation management for 1 year 7 months as well.
Original my IT career journey had started from the programming of COBOL and C Language as part time job
when I had been in University, then it is extended to system/network analyst & IT Manager to support end?user infrastructure(PC/Printer, etc), Windows based Servers (AD, SMS, Exchange, etc), and Cisco/Cabletron
based global network, Nortel PBX with 3rd party service company when I was in Motorola, in addition, I had
established local IT Helpdesk (4 outsourced technicians) aligned with Global Helpdesk to support customer
to improve their work environment with better technology environment. This Helpdesk model had been
extended to China as good practice at that time. In addition, I had implemented the Citrix based virtual
desktop solution for BHBP Customer in Korea when I had worked at CSC Korea as first reference in Asia.
This in-house support career in Motorola & CSC had extended to join AT&T Global Outsourcing Service for
General Motors as one global team to support global General Motors Network Outsourcing service to work
as In-Country Manager of Korea, ASEAN site to manage customer relationship as project manager to
manage service delivery, operations, and team member management successfully, then moved the role to
Global Operations Manager as Incident/Problem/Change/Configuration management to manage global
network service as part of Global Operations Team, also I had experienced to manage virtual global team to
lead the project of Korea/ASEAN Network transformation to attend global ONE network as one Global
outsourcing deal and had received the General Motors Global CIO Award after Network Transformation
Project had completed.
With those experience, my next journey had led to Olympic Event area as IT Integration Service. In Atos
Spain S.A. Korea Branch Office as IT Integration operations manager for PyeongChang 2018 Winter
Olympic Games, managing overall operation projects with local and global sub-teams and working as
Integration DM in Technology Operations Center during Games operations to manage the overall Integration
services such as Venue IT, Core Games Services, Game Results, Service Desk, etc. I also had attended the
Rio2016 Summer Olympics Games during Games time to work in Technology Operations Center as IT
Service Management DM and Technical Rehearsal Officer for Technical Rehearsal 2. I had experienced the
Venue Results operations for Gwangju Universiade Games 2015.
I have very strong management skills for overall IT management, IT planning, IT operation, IT process
consultant, IT program/project management, technology service desk setup & operation management by
local, regional, global and I can mentor and coach to all parties to make them success.
Team/Team member Task management is the another point I can emphasized as good experience as direct
report or global virtual team leader to cover multiple projects or operations in AT&T, Atos, and Freestyle
Technology seamlessly to meet all expectation and have good cultural respect/understand to make good
and collaborated team as ONE Team.
With my experience and new learning desire, I would like to go next level journey of IT Project Management,
IT Operations Management, ITIL Process Management and IT Service Delivery Management to go to
success with team, company, and customers.