Kari Slater


PROFILE P&L Management Driving profitable business results A consummate digital and marketing pro- fessional with a 14-year history of achieving Strong financial acumen with the ability to accurately forecast double-digit revenue growth while elevating sales, operating and capital expenses to responsibly drive growth content, brand and digital commerce expe- and margin. Managed budgets ranging from $3M-$500M. Part- rience for large brands (Footlocker, General nered with key departments to drive sales targets. Motors, Abbot) and challenger brands (blue- mercury, SCOUT Bags, MoxieLash). Proven Performance Yielding high ROAS across spend track record of creating high-performance Marketing Ability to align media spend with key touchpoints in the consum- teams that grow revenue, customer loyatly er journey across email, SEO, paid search (SEM), affiliate, program- and profitability by leveraging data, best matic, influencer and paid social. Consistently exceeds traffic and practices, technology and inspired ROI goals. Can articulate profitability, Customer Acquisition Costs omnichannel brand messaging. (CAC) by channel and the impact on the financials of the business