Agnieszka Czarnecka


My name is Aga, and I am an experienced brand designer with a hands-on approach to team collaboration. In my career, I had the pleasure to lead design teams, deliver UX/UI for startups, full brand guidebooks, but also manage creative processes with photographers, DTP studios, and innovation agencies. I really care about delivering top-notch design and thus, I'm looking for a team that will benefit my vast experience and holistic approach. Three things that you will probably learn when working with me are: I am a self-starter, with an internal need to push things forward. I love connecting the dots and planning the execution of multiple projects - even if there is not much information about them. Portfolio I pursue the best quality in design by watching trends all the time. I believe that to be an excellent designer you need to devote to what you're doing - in multiple fields. Thus, I love to Instagram launch small personal projects, that Scroll to Explore Curriculum Vitae allows me to develop my creative skills such as WeLoveDogs or Wooden Christmas Tree. Behance I'm very motivated and responsible for delivering on time and within budget. Being a businesswoman taught me how to strategically distribute my efforts for the best time-money gain. Linkedin I hope you will consider my application and I'm very much looking forward to talking with you!