Johannes Daniel Dias


Johannes is a well-rounded person, within the business sector and has a sound understanding of management and marketing for the last 23 years. He also specializes in developing learning material according to outcome-based principals, facilitates funeral related learning programs, auditing and quality assurance at 46 branches within the Gauteng South Region. Johannes is Fais- registered, License number 15107. Johannes is a well-rounded and experienced manager in all aspects. Johannes is open for new developments and change, to improve himself, to ensure that he will give a legendary service to all his clients. Personal Capabilities and Competencies ? Logistician ?Analytical ?Pragmatic ?Planner ?Proactive ? Agile Mindset ?Result Driven ?Quality Driven ? Strong Verbal and Written Communication in English and Afrikaans. ? Ability to work under pressure ? Affinity to Learning (Continuous Improvement) ? Infrastructure Knowledge and Expertise. ? Experienced Knowledge of management and marketing Activities and Tasks. ? Expertise in MS PowerPoint. ? Proven ability to work Both Independently and as part of a Team. ? Customer Oriented and Innovative. ? Result Oriented and Pragmatic. ? Planned and Strong Organizational Capacity. ? Quality and Relationship Management. ? OHS Occupational Health and Safety Act. ? Legal Liability (OHS) Language Proficiencies English: Speak: Fluent, Read: Fluent, Write: Fluent Afrikaans: Speak: Fluent, Read: Fluent, Write: Fluent Dutch: In the process of learning.