Jordan Wendelken


As an executive level operations and marketing professional I have learned that, apart from experience, communication and patience is the most valuable tool for leading a team. I hold most valuable my ability to carefully and dutifully communicate in a way that not only resonates with all parties but effectively and efficiently meets the set goals. Creating processes help to organize a group when achieving routine-based tasks. Those processes or systems should take into account all members who will use it while also working within the boundaries of the company. My skillset in leading teams and building these systems spans over 15 years with university degrees in leadership, marketing, and education. I have helped build non-profits, government contracted businesses, and organizations of various size for over 15 years including manufacturing, medical, and e-commerce businesses. My time building trading companies in overseas markets helped to establish my strength in manufacturing and logistics for import and export trade. I have led teams all over the world to help build, sell, and move products in tech/electronics, engineering, food and beverage, medical supplies and equipment, textiles, disposables, and more. Working for and with large and small firms with billion dollar revenue and multi million dollar budgets in both national and international markets, I have helped improve their bottom line and efficiency from the manufacturing level to the project management level. Using my skills in writing, web development, creative design, leadership and more I have created workplace documents/workbooks, integrated task management/ CRM/ERP systems, and built small teams into large scale businesses. My personal goal is to develop a long term working relationship with a team and company focused on growth and advancement of both employees and company objectives. I look to use all of my background and experience to help in motivating and expediting this process towards long term success. Jordan Wendelken Chief Operations Officer JORDAN WENDELKEN [email protected] 469-556-979 San Diego, CA 92108 Senior Level Operations - Marketing Executive Agency experienced with mid-senior and senior level positions. Proficient in marketing and operations process/strategy development and execution, marketing automation and program development. International business expert and team lead with an emphasis on team building and client facing communication and presentation. Creative team lead and product development specialist with experience in retail, manufacturing, medical/dental, electronic, soft goods, home goods, promotional and more.