Kyle Ketter


-Develops and leads teams - I create the energy and excitement to yield individual and team success.

- Identifies and capitalizes on opportunities - I can readily interpret data from demographics, etc. and utilize creative approaches to generate growth and profitability.

- Creates a winning environment - I recognize that the foundation of my company's success is customer satisfaction and employee development, and remain focused on them.

Specialties: Facilities/Operations Management, Planning & Analysis. Bidding, Material Takeoffs, Project Budget & Forecast, Strategic Planning, Cost Reductions, Identifying Cost Savings Opportunities, Client Account Management, Reporting and Client Outreach, Operations, Risk Management, Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Residential Construction, Multi-family Construction, Renovation, Remodeling, Team Management, Facilities and Logistics, Project Management, Vendor Management, Conflict Resolution, CAD Software and Editing Tools.