Jennifer Koeckhoven


Jennifer believes impactful design transcends aesthetics and function; it encompasses an awareness in branding, storytelling, relevant trends and cultural currents. It's emotional. Creating something meaningful which deeply engages the consumer is both a challenge and inspiration. Producing that product also carries with it an ethical responsibility to the environment and the people working across the supply chain.

Travel, the great outdoors, live music, art and architecture are sources of continuing inspiration. A genuine curiosity for textiles, silhouette, construction and function inform Jennifer’s evolving design and development process.

Jennifer grew up outside of Boston and studied in New York and Milan, receiving her BFA in International Fashion Design from FIT in 2009. She later studied sustainable design at FIT where she was awarded the Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs Certification in 2020. She has worked in Europe and New York as a designer, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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