Riaz Finnemore


Founded in 1996, Finnemore Design offers professional consulting services specializing in the design and
development of products for men, women, children, and pets. Our product focus is apparel and other soft
goods for action sports, outdoor, rock & mountain climb, urban, commute, travel, bike, fish, surf, skate,
lifestyle casual, tactical, and motor sports.

Finnemore Design works with clients of all sizes and stages of development to innovate and create
compelling, modern, and technically advanced products. The services provided are custom tailored for
each project, and typically include research, strategy, design, development, sourcing, and production. We
offer all of the services required to take the product from concept to production - please see the
SERVICES page for a detailed list.

With over 20 years of consulting and building relationships in the industry, Finnemore Design has the
expertise and the network to get the job done right the first time. Validation comes from our proven record
of creating thousands of products successfully sold at market. Please see the CLIENTS page, and inquire
if you would like to see work examples.

Our passion to create great products comes from an innate perpetual drive to improve upon what exists
and enhance the user experience. Integral to our process are participation in the activities for which we
design, continual product testing, and interaction with recreational and professional users. This level of
immersion develops an intimate knowledge of the attributes a product must have in order to function and
be successful, and is of great importance to the design process.

Finnemore Design stands for quality, innovation, technical expertise, attention to detail, experience, and
service. We are always interested in exploring new opportunities, if you want to talk or get more
information, please contact Riaz Finnemore @ FINNEMORE DESIGN.