Bryant Adjei


My name is Bryant Adjei I am reaching out in hopes of job opportunity,I have 8 years of sales experience ranging from buyer to buyer sales and direct to consumer sales to working in retail stores gaining customer service experience and doing outdoor furniture sales to large and small companies and also experience with following trends and marketing product helping to create a social media presence for newer brands.Most recently I am working for a design studio where I take create sales track product and conduct sales while coordinating with all departments ,I am computer savvy and proficient in all Microsoft Office programs as well as Photoshop and art illlustrator. I am a life long lover of fashion and clothes, from street wear to high end I’ve always had a love for apparel and design I’ve been working in the industry for about two years now, professionalluy and hobby i would love to get a chance to pursue further and help a company grow with my creativity and passion im looking for a company that I grow with, have a passion for learning and think I can be a great asset to any team I join.