Monica  Whitaker


Being an alumni from the prestigious Booker T. Washington high school for the Performing and Visual Arts located in Dallas Texas, has strengthened my elements and principles of design. As years passed mentally I began to mature within a college atmosphere colliding philosophical topics that fascinated me. Placing my creations on one and two dimensional objects wasn't satisfying enough, inside of me is this urge to express these thoughts and emotions that swirl within me in an inconspicuous motion. Without the sufficient funds and the proper mentors it'll be difficult executing my ideas, you see what I've discovered is that not only am I creating artwork from within but it is vital that people are able to see my artistic style. We must Mobile: become our artwork which is why the fashion industry continues to boom (409) 344-6238 through all four seasons. With your assistance my manifestation of my own Email: men's clothing line will be possible to achieve by yours truly Monica Nicol√® [email protected]