Mark mathis


Logistics Manager, with extensive experience in all the major aspects of supply chain management within the logistics channel such as: warehouses, production facilities, inventory control, distribution, transportation, DOT, federal and state regulations, financial reporting, vendor selection analysis, TMS implementation and development of system training materials. Extensive knowledge in efficient process improvement with dynamic logistic models who delivers measurable results and improved service levels. Proven execution of comprehensive multi-channel in fast-paced logistic programs by effectively managing strategic planning, standardization scheduling, carrier networking, budgeting, and software procurement. Utilizes strong interpersonal and written communication skills negotiating favorable terms and service requirements contracts. Hardworking and goal-oriented, makes solid decisions to significantly improve the transportation program and resolve issues. Fosters a safe and productive work environment that enables a company and workforce to achieve company's goals. Strong organizational skills that can set goals while working with a collaboration of cross-functional guidance that contributes to the ongoing success and development of an organization with an emphasis on improving overall supply chain efficiencies. Responsive and approachable manager who fosters an environment of trust and employee engagement successfully to build high performing teams through mentoring, training required to accomplish company's goals. Leverages experience and interpersonal skills in developing ideas, team member ownership and engagement. QUALIFICATIONS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS ? Using analytical skills identified and implemented alternative supply chain strategy impacting freight programs providing savings of $550,000 during the first year and total freight savings of $2,400,000 based on annual benchmarks during five-year contract period ? Developed carrier base strategy that improved service levels throughout the company while the number of restaurants grew from 107 in 12 states to 207 locations in 28, through an expanding network of internal and contract brewers while increasing from 19 distributors to 53 distributers with specific jurisdictions ? Negotiated favorable terms and service level requirements contract with national LTL carrier, resulting in 34% savings in LTL freight spending compared to prior year. Achieved net savings of $102,900 with a total LTL freight spending of $302,700 in FY 2019 ? Implemented temperature tracking procedures through collaborating with produce shippers, distribution centers, JIB quality control food safety, and carriers which decreased the number of temperature related freight claims by 80% ? Generated targeted freight savings based on analysis and business market intelligence of prior year established benchmarks, including 9% for 2016, 14% for 2017, 8% for 2018, and 12% for 2019 ? Coordinated the implementation of new freight claim process. Documenting the tracking procedures, improving settlement time by 45% and reducing claims filed by 38% ? Administered RFP to carrier base for 28 dedicated lanes, negotiated rates, and committed volumes ? Managed the centralized load planning, coordinating the inbound and outbound truckload shipments and multi-stop pool consolidations utilizing 22 contracted carriers and LTL service providers. ? Developed KPI focused on operational excellence and service levels for shippers, carriers and distributor partners ? Initiated the launch of a warehouse consolidation and cost reduction program that provided $120K in freight cost savings through increased efficiencies across all shipper and carrier partners ? Reduced freight costs for inter-plant transfers by 25% through the establishment of newly negotiated rates that were then verified through data collection, cost analysis and audit process ? Designed a hybrid logistics model that required compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements pertaining to alcohol distribution and sales