David Kreitz


As a generalist, with an interest in finding ways of heightening aesthetics wherever possible, I enjoy being engaged in the process of making objects come to life through interfacing with the desires of designers, architects, software designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. I have held many strategic positions to support a lifelong learning process of making ideas come to fruition through design and fabrication disciplines. Some of these roles include being a special projects designer at a glassblowing centered sculptural installation studio, a design and fabrication contractor focused on concepting and building original pieces of art for professional artists in the SF, LA and NYC areas, an educator of technical visual and physical creation processes for private and public universities, and as a director of hardware design and interactive installation systems for a handful of creative tech firms, to name a few. Most recently (for the past couple years), I've concepted, designed and managed the construction of a multi disciplined food production and retail service facility in San Francisco. As an owner I have been involved in every aspect, from recipe development, managing construction, subs and contractors, branding, fabrication of architectural elements, and operational planning, I've applied nearly every acquired discipline of my ability and picked up many along the way. I continue to contract design and creative endeavours and look forward to expanding and applying my knowledge to new challenges.