Chris Franklin


I am a proven operations-focused leader with a strong background in building effective teams. I am equally comfortable in an entrepreneurial setting as in a large corporation. I thrive when developing processes and systems, yet still maintain a scrappy and creative leadership style with a focus on consistent improvement.

I love challenges. I love long-term planning to prepare my organization to handle any challenge that might come our way. I thrive when implementing long-term strategies that result in efficiencies. Yet I also love when challenges come at me unexpectedly. There is a joy that comes from the need to make quick decisions that require confidence, creativity, and the ability to weigh a broad range of factors in a moment’s time.

I build teams that operate with a clear vision. I focus on outcomes and how their role fits into the company’s mission. I build engaged teams where people care. I build teams where the best people feel empowered and are never afraid to take a chance if their thought process is solid.

My curiosity is unquenchable. I love tinkering and encourage that in my teams. I am motivated, not frustrated, by my core belief that something can always be done better. The status quo is my worst nightmare. I also love having a seat at every table, whether it is Marketing, IT, Finance, or Human Resources, but only if there’s something I can share or something I can learn.

I thrive on the success of others. I have managed over 1500 people in my career and helped countless achieve personal and organizational milestones. Most of my proudest career moments revolve around promotions and recognition my teams have earned. I create a culture where training and development are part of the ethos.