Kim Taylor Campisano


Kim has served as an ambitious Fundraiser and Event Planner for multiple non-profits including museums, libraries, schools, and churches. She has chaired numerous committees for live and silent auctions, dinner venues and performances for 100 + guests raising upwards of $25,000 per event.

Kim spent 10 years in the airline industry, briefly as a flight attendant before working as a corporate and passenger sales associate in NYC. She collaborated with boutique hotels to plan and lead tours for travel agents to promote new international flight routes. Kim managed travel agent incentive programs and increased revenue by $5-20K daily monitoring international upper class passenger loads within the NY marketplace.

Kim has worked as a substitute school teacher (pre K - 12) and as an enrichment teacher in public schools and in a variety of churches.

Skills: Collaboration, Organization and Execution with keen attention to detail.

Strength Finders 2.0:

1. Positivity: Shares knowledge and excitement. Boosts confidence in others.
2. Harmony: Excellent in teamwork. Industrious, practical and looks for the best answers from experts.
3. Developer: Sensitive to people's emotions in order to help people meet their challenges, opportunities and problems.
4. Woo: Puts people at ease. Uses compliments, encouraging words or friendly smiles to invite newcomers and outsiders to join discussion.
5. Arranger: Works in an orderly fashion. Prioritizes and puts first things first. Reputation for working hard to reach goals with a strong sense of commitment and excellence.

Passions: Yoga; Open Water Distance Swimming; Surfing, Skiing, Women’s Ministries; Wine Enthusiast; Foodie; Photo Journaling (Cultivating and Encouraging Family Historians).