Erica Ciccone Clancy


Erica Ciccone Clancy is a veteran of the production industry, both domestic and
international. She's spent the past decade overseeing the development and production
of original and branded content for digital streaming platforms, broadcast networks and
innovative brands.

A conceptual thinker and effective communicator, Erica has a proven track record of
translating visions into actionable plans. Extremely detail oriented with a strategic
mindset that can function tactically in high pressure situations, she exhibits strong
leadership and guidance in every stage of production from ideation through final delivery.
Confident working alongside top level executives while managing small to large scale
projects and teams, providing them with consistency and seasoned expertise. Erica is
assertive in developing innovative production workflows while identifying efficiencies to
better align with budgetary goals, best industry practices, diversity, inclusion, and overall
company vision.

Erica understands the importance of being present in the moment while foreseeing the
next steps, open to making adjustments, and solving problems on the fly. A native of New
York City, she currently resides a few blocks from the ocean in Los Angeles.