Eric Sichak


I am a recent graduate of Chapman University, where I was received my Bachelor of Science in business administration with emphases in marketing and finance, minored in data analytics and mindfulness, and received a certificate in applied statistical analysis.

Through my work, I hope to find a mix of marketing, sales, and data analytics to aid a company in gathering insight through data, as to how they can increase sales, better interact with customers, and develop their business strategy. Outside of data analysis, I also find consumer psychology very interesting to see what motivates peoples to make the decisions they make and how that consequently affects a businesses' performance. At the end of the day, I hope to work with people who help me grow, as well as helping others to improve their lives.

My main talents include constantly challenging myself and a drive to continuously keep learning through extracurricular research. Having been a student-athlete with a double emphasis, two minors, and a statistical certificate has allowed me to develop my time management skills by balancing my coursework and athletics, while still getting involved in a fraternity and on-campus clubs. All of these pursuits, while challenging, represent my continued commitment to pushing myself to better myself every day. In my free time, I enjoy reading, researching, and learning, often acquiring new technical skills and information. This knowledge has allowed me to apply my new skills in my coursework, social life, and professional network.

For business inquiries, please contact me at [email protected]