John Armitage


The artistic process has captivated John Armitage practically his entire life, and he has dedicated nearly all his time to it. When John was eight years old, a family friend gave him his first camera, and he has been photographing ever since as a pastime and as a job ever since.

John Armitage is a native of the Californian city of Oakland, where he currently resides. After serving his country in the United States Army, he went on to study communications photography at the University of California, Fullerton's Communications Photography department. In 1987, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography from the University of California, Los Angeles, and quickly developed a talent for commercial product photography and brand identity design. He credits his apprenticeship with special-effects photographer Jack Eason with a huge influence on his professional development, in addition to giving him a deep understanding of the effects of lighting.

John was formerly employed as a studio manager for a graphic design company in Los Angeles before relocating to the greater Atlanta metro area, specifically the Norcross and Lilburn communities in Georgia. In 1993, he established Armitage Photography with his wife. As a result of his years of experience, John has had the opportunity to work with a varied spectrum of corporate and business clients of all shapes and sizes.

Over the course of his career, John has had the opportunity to deal with a diverse range of corporate and business clients of all sizes. The following are some of his most important clients:
• Martha Stewart
• Racetrac Petroleum
• United States Olympic Committee
• Plaid Enterprises
• J. Walter Thompson

As a professional photographer, John has completed tens of thousands of assignments. His studio is equipped with the infrastructure and facilities necessary to handle any size project, from product pictures for food and cosmetics to whole room layouts, furniture, apparel, and human subjects, among other things. Armitage Photography has become a valued marketing partner for firms all throughout the United States because of his adaptability, combined with his vision and command of lighting and color.

One of the characteristics that distinguish John Armitage and Armitage Photography from the competition is their commitment to assisting the next generation of commercial photographers in their careers. John has been able to provide training, space, and advice to new photographers as a result of his photography cooperative and studio rentals. This has allowed him to assist new photographers in breaking into the competitive field of professional photography. Armitage Photography studio rentals offer the following services:
• Props
• Props fully functional kitchen
• Studio space spanning 4000 square feet
• PCs with editing software installed at photo studios
• A total of 25+ customizable walls for product photography and test shots

Armitage Photography serves the greater Atlanta area, including the cities of Lilburn and Norcross, among other places.