Giorgia Galantino


Technical Skills Graphic Design graduate, passionate about graphics, photography and Adobe Suite (5 years) videography. Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite. Innovative, big creative thinker and Photoshop problem solver. My work revolves around digital graphics, video editing, editorials, studio/street/film photography, Ui/ Ux Design for apps and websites. Illustrator Indesign Adobe XD Academic Achievement Lightroom 2020 Fast track Entrepreneurial Program for Bright Ideas Premiere Pro After Effect 2020 Winner of Bright Ideas Competition, London. Photography 2016-2020 Graphic Design and communication bachelors degree at Digital / Film /Retail /Studio Kingston University Sales (2 years) 2015-2016 Foundation Year at University other Creative Arts, Canterbury Great listening and communication skills 2015 European Baccalaureate Brussels, Belgium Entrepreneurship (1 years) Business skills, team management, research and Interview skills