Santosh Rajkumar


From a career as a motoring journalist, copywriter, artist, designer, and automotive researcher that spans over 11 years, my abilities in and around the field now include: Writing: Original and dynamic social media, feature, list, travel, photoblog, history, experiential, descriptive, video script, research-based, and report writing capability across various topics of interest in the automotive sector, in addition to unbiased reviewing of current-generation automobiles up to the INR 20 lakh car segment. Copywriting: Creating eye-catching and effective copy for digital, print, radio, and television advertisements across most industries, but with a specialization in motoring copy. Illustration/Design: Automotive illustration of production cars and motorcycles, customized vehicles, commissioned artwork of client vehicles, and auto illustrations for social media (samples visible on my Turtle Torque Facebook page - Visionary capacity to design concepts and cars for the future which include everything from hatchbacks to SUVs through to pick-ups [my efforts have been appreciated by Autocar India and even Dilip Chhabria]. In 2009, my portfolio won a national car design contest whose first prize was a full scholarship to the Istituto Europeo Di Design, Turin, Italy for a three-year degree in Automotive Design. Researching: Understanding of the automotive markets in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries. Extensive research and analytical experience in producing market studies across the automobile, two-wheeler, and commercial vehicle industry. Car Customization: Artistic visualization and conceptualization of the bodywork of a concept or a limited edition motor car, and ideation of limited-edition customized models suited to the Indian market.