John Anderson


PING IDENTITY 2019 – 2020
Expo Manager
Responsible for selling and fulfilling sponsor needs for the expo.
• Managed event floorplan to best utilize space and increase revenue.
• Work with all contractors to ensure order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
• Developed new tools and processes to streamline sponsor contact to ensure that all benchmarks were met, and sponsors had all the information they needed to succeed.
INFORMA, Formally Penton, Boulder, CO
Informa plc is a multinational events and publishing company with its head office and registered office in London. It has offices in 43 countries and around 11,000 employees.
Client Services Manager 2012 – 2019
Lead customer service team responsible for attendee and exhibitor support for up to 50 shows a year. Supervised conference support for 10 shows. Oversaw quantification and tracking of customer service requests as well as guest satisfaction. Led Hotel contracting for events from single property to city-wide events.
• Implemented Freshdesk to track inbound and outbound email and chat tracking, leading to improved staffing planning and feedback to event teams.
• Worked with the general services contractor to design an enhanced, online Exhibitor Services Kit. Updated template usage of the online kit, exceeding average use by almost 8%.
• Collaborated with global Health and Safety (H&S) team to implement an Event Emergency Guide and an Event Guide and develop pre-event processes, ensuring staff and vendors would be better able to respond to a crisis.
• Applied a new insurance process, requiring all international exhibitors purchase insurance through our vendor as part of the contracting process. Ensured international exhibitors had the required coverages to exhibit in the United States.
• Drove overhaul of the exhibitor service kit development process with general services contractor, streamlining and innovating an easier customer interface.
• Developed First Time Exhibitor Program preshow and onsite at events. Ensured that first- time exhibitors knew how to succeed with the event preshow, onsite, and post-event.
• Rolled out Exhibitor Consultation program, helping exhibitors minimize and plan for invoice cost. Limited issues with union labor. Event satisfaction rose over 20% to 97% in the first year.
• Implemented the use of photo staff badges and emergency phone number badge for events. Ensured that staff and vendors would be able to respond to a crisis.
• Steered the development and rollout of an Informa hotel contract for use at all properties. Streamlined contract review time, minimizing legal review time, and maximizing concessions benefits.
• Standardized verbiage in all Exhibitor Services Kits with the customer in mind. Updated kit building process and minimized edits.
• Composed template exhibit and sponsorship contracts with legal across multiple events. Ensuring for consistent terms
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PENTON (Continued)
• and conditions and timely updates.

PENTON 2009 – 2012
Attendee Services Manager
Oversaw building and innovating the registration websites and onsite badge pickup for up to 55,000 people. Guided housing block contracting, and room block building in conjunction with housing vendor for multiple city wide events. Oversaw costs as well as revenue for both areas.

• Managed registration sites for multiple events. Registered and badged attendees with an average growth of 10% annually.
• Directed housing vendor for customer and staff housing needs. Ensured that staff and attendees were housed during events.
• Constructed housing blocks to minimize cost for staff housing. Tracked and utilized all concessions from hotels to minimize cost and maximize hotel room usage.
• Saved $80K in first year by identifying a new shuttle vendor and bringing about a decrease in additional traffic.

PENTON (INFORMA) 2007 – 2009
Operations Coordinator
Administered and oversaw the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim. Managing multiple vendors to ensure that all areas of the event were covered. Worked with each vendor to ensure that both internal and external costs were kept to less than 3% growth yearly.
• Handled meeting space for internal conference sessions and exhibitor-presented seminar rooms.
• Assumed responsibility for outdoor event space, executing event from floorplan layout to attendee engagement. Maximized tent exhibit space, as well as providing all necessary vendors to build and support all exhibitors.
• Assembled and launched the first online-only Exhibitor Services Kit. Resulted in faster deployment of information to all exhibitors regardless of when they contracted.

Additional Related Experience

INFORMA, Boulder, CO, Exhibitor Services Representative