Suzanne Wilhelmsen


Highly skilled, driven and results-oriented business professional with impressive experience and accomplishments. Proven exper se in defining and execu ng strategy to drive customer experience, sa sfac on, loyalty, business process improvement and new product introduc on on a global scale. Diploma c, mo va onal and inspira onal coaching and management style. Ensures teams consistently deliver opera onal targets in compe ve, fast-paced environments. Effec ve and dynamic communica on skills. Forge rela onships with internal and external stakeholders, cul vate key partnerships and ins ll a consistent approach to achieving common goals. • Customer Experience Op miza on • Life Cycle Project Management • Automo ve Industry Exper se • Strategy Development & Execu on • Opera ons Process Improvement • Interna onal Business Experience • Stakeholder Advising & Consul ng • Account Management • Marke ng & Communica ons