Parker Wiese


My name is Parker Wiese. I was born and raised in Denver, CO. I spent most of my childhood playing competitive sports and learning many essential skills through these experiences, such as a good work ethic, tenacity, and social acceptance. It wasn’t until my second year in college that I was introduced to the design world through a company called Zox, which derailed my path in life entirely. I moved back to Colorado from Wyoming and started my journey at Metropolitan State University of Denver in the Communication Design program. It has taught me how to create with a purpose and improve my technical skills.

As a designer, I build off the work that has been created before me. Learning and creating from the past is the quickest way to advance forward. Designing for the next generation is a concept we must zero in on in order to develop advancement and change in our society. I use my knowledge of abstraction and modernism to extract a feeling in my audience. An emotional reaction is the key to a consumer’s interest in anything and the key to changing the world.

In my personal work like to explore the mixture of organic and geometric design through abstraction and manipulation of form through positive and negative space. The most exciting work comes from originality and ornamentation, which is what I strive to incorporate more into my professional career to grab the attention of the newer generation. I wish to compel the youth to think differently and get excited about the world they live in. Creating a beautiful world is just part of changing a youthful mindset.