purnima arora


? AWS certified cloud engineer with 14 years of experience in IT industry with 12+ years in the field of Prime brokerage backoffice and GECD Middle office as Application Support Expert and 2 years in DevOps and Cloud technology. ? Worked in diverse domains such as Capital markets, Closed-end-funding, Fixed income, Equities, Electronic trading Floor applications, Financial reporting ? Working as Cloud Administrator on Microsoft Azure and AWS, responsible to develop well-architected multi-cloud solutions, involved in support and maintenance of cloud-based system deployments. ? Extensive experience in project management, requirement gathering, creating use case, data analysis, development, business reporting and documentation, communication between management and development team, and creating test scenarios. ? Experienced in Automating, Configuring and Deploying resources on cloud environments using Infrastructure as code CDK, CloudFormation, Terraform and Pulumi. ? Wrote Python scripts to manage AWS resources from API calls using BOTO SDK and AWS CLI. ? Experienced with Cloud Monitoring / Cost management / Billing and Performance tools, and ability to develop remediation plans ? Experienced with code repository management tools like GitHub (GIT), Subversion (SVN) and CVS. ? Worked on CI/CD pipeline for code deployment using Git and Jenkins, setup pipelines for low level and production environments ? Managed application deployments in Kubernetes using Helm and monitor the state in cluster nodes, Kubernetes components using Rancher. ? Strong understanding of Equities and fixed income products with respect to brokerage operations, Trade capture (OMS), Middle office operations and Back office settlements with DTCC. ? Solid understanding of Reference data (pricing feeds and client data) and Data analysis for real time market valuations with respect to Bloomberg, Broadridge BPS Advantage and Calypso. ? Strong data mapping and data analysis skills and expertise in MS Excel, MS Access and SQL ? Extensive experience in designing workflows and communicating the trade-off decisions on product features based on technology, customer requirements.