Brandon Armstrong


BOOK SEARCH ENGINE I'm a passionate, skillful, and team- MERN - REACT - GRAPHQL - APOLLO - JWT - BOOTSTRAP - MONGODB oriented full stack web developer with an eye for design and a background Google Books API search engine built with a RESTful API, refactored in sales and customer service. to be a GraphQL API built with an Apollo server. App was built using the MERN stack. Users can create an account, login, and save their favorite books! TECH STACK -Git TECH TALK -Visual Studio CMS - MVC - HANDLEBARS.JS - MYSQL -HTML CMS-style blog where people can come to discuss all things Tech! Users can -CSS create an account, login, create and edit posts, view and comment on posts -Javascript created by other users on the site. -Node.js -MySQL SHOP-SHOP -MongoDB MERN - MONGODB - EXPRESS - REACT - NODE.JS - STRIPE - TDD - REDUX -Firestore An e-commerce platform built using the MERN stack. Essentially an Amazon Clone. -React Shopping cart is fully functional and is currently set to test mode. -Bootstrap -Jquery BUDGET TRACKER -npm JAVASCRIPT - INDEXED DB - HTML - CSS This is a budget tracker to help track expenses. This is a progressive web app