Dennis Law


I am reliable, enthusiastic, and passionate about my work and the work of those around me. I have had the privilege of making long-lasting relationships with those I have worked with professionally and personally. I appreciate an environment that is customer service-oriented, efficient, and friendly and functions proactively and reactive. I pride myself on maintaining all of these qualities to assist in enhancing business growth and customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty and retention are significantly impacted when an employer hires individuals who exhibit these qualities, representing the company and assisting its valued customers.

I have a technical background with a focus on customer service and account management. I excel in taking technical information and conveying it so that the general consumer can understand what is being presented without feeling overwhelmed. I have over seven years of experience in the retail environment and more than five years of call center experience. I am very comfortable communicating with people face-to-face basis, over the phone, and via email.
In addition to these qualities, I have served as an excellent preceptor who has achieved success by building morale, promoting self-confidence, and providing a thorough knowledge base for coworkers.

Data is king, but only factual, easy to read, and easily accessible data matters! I have spent the last few years in the land of spreadsheets, gathering data from vendors, formatting it, validating it, and ensuring it is ready for our customers. I communicate with vendors on what we would like to see when the data is sent and keep an open line of communication throughout the entire partnership.