David  Koonar


"David Koonar of Windsor is a name that is recognized to anyone who are familiar with Canadian photography, particularly outdoor photography. His photography has become a popular attraction in Windsor, Ontario, as well as across Canada. Koonar is still one of the top names for go-to visual work and photographic impact in Windsor today, thanks to his traditional training and professional skills acquired over years of practice and labor.

Focus & Early Design Education
David Koonar was visually attached to design from the beginning of his career as a photographer. Koonar intended to link his camera output with the beauty and technical presentation of man-made and natural design as it became obvious via the lens, not merely static moments. Technology has changed, evolved, and progressed over the years, but the fundamentals of Koonar's photography, which is based on design representation, have remained the same. With digital manipulation, editing, augmentation, and much more, a lot more is available today; nonetheless, David still finds photography beauty in the simplicity of photographs, especially in nature. These are things that software, no matter how wonderful the coding behind the computer screen, can't replicate.

Narratives with a Concept
Stories are the starting point for David Koonar of Windsor's visualization concepts. His camera and talent are professional tools, but the end products' creativity begins with a decent background, setting, and plot. In many situations, the drama is already unfolding, like a real-life movie, and Koonar is in the right location at the right time to capture it and preserve it in time for posterity. David Koonar's presented work on Instagram and other social media platforms demonstrates a lot of this expertise. It's no wonder that David Koonar continues to be in demand for new photographic projects, with millions of views, a steady following of a similar magnitude, and a regular delivery of fresh, outstanding content.
Mechanical expertise is emphasized.
Technical knowledge is still an important part of photography, as Koonar frequently demonstrates to newer photographers. Rather than relying on the camera's auto mode, Windsor native David Koonar continues to emphasize full manual control through expertise, learning, and understanding the effects of various settings, as well as knowing when to utilize them for optimal effect and shot quality. In Koonar's opinion, an image maker who lacks this level of awareness is not truly attaining true photography. They may be creating images and contributing to the vast amount of digital data available on the Internet, but what truly distinguishes an expert photographer is the consistently high level of image quality that can only be achieved through the deliberate application of settings rather than relying on a frequently faulty computer auto-setting.

Perspectives for the Future
Looking ahead, David Koonar is confident that technology will continue to generate incredible equipment that was not available or even viable to use just two years ago or less. However, he predicts that if the trend toward letting computers do everything continues, the number of photographers who actually understand how to utilize their equipment manually will decline. Koonar does not believe that photography will become extinct overnight. As technology advances, it continues to alter and evolve. There will, however, be an obvious distinction between people who, like David Koonar of Windsor, have trained and refined their manual camera skills and those who simply press buttons. And, as Koonar points out, the difference will be visible in the photography created.

In terms of Koonar, he continues to work in Windsor in a committed approach, both in his studio and in the surrounding nature. Even if it's just for the pleasure of the challenge, Koonar continues to outdo himself, creating incredible visuals from the end of a lens and viewfinder."