Laura Adams


• Experienced Textile Management professional with 28 years of experience. • Driven business leader with a proactive approach to gaining new product placements and building customer relationships. • Successful relationships with top level customer accounts. Assisting in business development, product development, collection and line development and direction, trend direction, color direction, and artwork development. • A well respected and trusted partner with customers who is often given special projects and inside opportunities based on strong relationships built. • Hands on merchandiser with strong technical background in various fabric types, weaves and constructions, yarn development, color development, finishing processes, and all aspects of weaving. • Creative merchandiser who has a strong ability to track and predict trends on color, motifs, and pattern, turning them into profitable product development placements with competitive margins that align and resonate with customer base. • Innovative product developer with an interest in pushing the components to their limits and finding new and unique ways to create products that lead to unique market placements and growth. • Unique constructionist that pushes coworkers and direct reports to expect more and do more with the tools we are given. • Expert colorist in multiple markets with a constant eye on color trends, while maintaining market awareness through color classes and involvement in Color Marketing Group. • Excellent reputation in the marketplace and with all former employers and employees. • Experience with hiring process, interview process, and portfolio needs. • Marketing, copywriter, e-marketing specialist, and freelance social media manager.