Mark Harris


I have worked as a marketer and designer for over six years and have been an illustrator and artist for over 15 years. As a creative professional I have designed infographics and sales/marketing presentations for I.T. solutions companies, retail chains, e-commerce platforms, and interior design firms. As a freelance graphic designer I have created original social media content for social media influencers and production studios. As lead designer at Astek Wallcovering I created and edited images for interior design firms, hotels, and restaurants using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. At Astek I worked on 10-12 projects setting up printing forms outlining how each project needed to be printed including size, color, and amount of square footage. As Head of Marketing & Design at Stellar Mark Studio I am responsible for all artwork, copy, digital marketing, and website design. I've used design applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud for over 7 years and very proficient using Shopify and Squarespace for website design and management. I love what I do because it allows me to create business solutions using visual design. I enjoy working with a team because I learn the most from the people around me. Thank you for your consideration!