Corey Denomy


Professionally in Video Production for 12 years, I work to jumpstart new ideas from concept to completion.
With production I enjoy working with a team to increase coverage and ability or decrease production time, but I am also able to work alone and communicate to accomplish a task. Primarily focused of Videography in my career, I am also experienced in all aspects of video production and capable to step up and accomplish the needs of the company or client.

I enjoy establishing branding with talent or product lines, creating marketing campaigns, working
collaboratively or solo to accomplish the desired features through video, and visually highlighting positive
attributes of the story. One example of this is from my work at Motor Trend Magazine. Often working with new ideas or hosts for their shows, I directed the talent and story to focus on the positive elements and expland on them. We did more of what we were good at. This led to creative and authentic storylines which helped develop a strong set of shows and branding that spanned from high-end production focus to grittier hot rod and offroad subjects. Many of these shows are still running strong to this day through endemic and non-endemic advertising that is integrated into the episodes through the style of hosting or context of story.

I have a great passion for creating and have gained extensive knowledge in operating cameras and editing
software through the years. Working with live production, on-location and in-studio settings while
coordinating with team or company on production expectations, budget, and deadlines.
Proficient with professional cameras by Canon, Sony, Red, Blackmagic Design, and Panasonic in both photo and video. Well versed in post-production software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer.