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A name of Professional Realtors. Progency is a real estate firm that provides expert guidance at finding a home or investment property in Rawalpindi and islamabad - Pakistan. It guides you through the process to help you achieve your dreams!

[url=]Progency[/url] is a well-reputed real estate company. We have been working for many years to provide our clients with the best of the services. Our services include Consultancy, Real Estate Brokerage, Project Management, Project Marketing and Construction. We develop a concrete strategy to help you achieve your dream destination. Various projects are being worked upon including Gold Avenue, Blue World City and Builders Mall.

As per findings of the World Bank, real estate constitutes about 60% to 70% of the country’s total economic size. The findings make it evident that real estate plays a crucial role in shaping and directing the economy of a state. Overall, real estate is a growing sector in Pakistan even though a bit of slowdown has been observed since 2017 due to political instability and uncertain financial situation. However, hopes are high for the coming times. In ease of doing business reports, Pakistan ranked 108 in 2020 which was 136 in the previous year. It shows the signs of improvement as well as increased chances of foreign direct investment (FDI). Whether national or international, investors tend to invest in the real estate sector to a great extent because of its huge turnover. In Pakistan, there are many excellent real estate companies working to facilitate the investors. Progency is a [url=]real estate[/url] company working hard to provide services related to real estate consultancy, brokerage, project management and marketing, and construction.

Realty Square is an international level real estate company which provides services related to architecture, building and development. If you are thinking of investing in the real estate sector you can always contact us for initial consultancy services as well as brokerage, construction, marketing services in the later phases of development.