Shantele Marcum


Shantele Marcum is a Sarasota, Florida-based real estate agent and yoga teacher. Re/Max Platinum Realty is where she works, and she plans to become a certified Realtor in September 2021. Marcum is also a yoga teacher with certification.
Shantele Marcum has had a variety of jobs during her life. She has a strong sales, marketing, and promotion background. Her background includes work in a variety of sectors. Working in the restaurant, retail, and health and fitness sectors are examples of this. Her past jobs taught her people skills, sales techniques, and how to form solid commercial relationships. She also has exceptional customer service abilities, which benefit her in various roles.

Her previous expertise and positions enabled her to join RE/MAX Platinum Realty's Downtown Sarasota office as a real estate agent. Marcum's previous employment have equipped her with great customizing and sales abilities. She has also lived and worked in the region for a long time, giving her vast knowledge of the area. She employs these abilities to assist her real estate customers in making some of the most important choices of their lives, such as locating a new house, selling an existing home, buying land, and managing the home building process.
Shantele Marcum has a lengthy history of yoga practice. She has always been a fan of yoga, which prompted her to seek a degree in the area. Marcum became a qualified yoga teacher after studying and practicing yoga for a while.

Marcum has worked hard to create key abilities that are necessary for a variety of career pathways. In her real estate job, she focuses on client sales and marketing. She's honed her marketing talents to assist buyers and sellers with the home-selling process. She's also honed her communication skills and is committed to establishing a successful real estate career.

She also has a long history of yoga practice and has become a yoga teacher to help others achieve the same level of dedication to fitness that she has.

She's also an outdoor aficionado, which has given her a broad perspective on the world. It also adds to her commitment and work ethic, which she carries over into her role as a real estate salesperson.
Shantele Marcum earned her bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of South Florida's Muma College of Business. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the university. Her studies here will assist her in pursuing a profession in real estate.
Marcum hasn't always called Sarasota home. Rather, she was born and reared in the Californian city of San Diego. She did, however, go to Florida a few years ago to pursue her interests in the outdoors and real estate.

Shantele Marcum has always had an active lifestyle and enjoys working out and being outside. She has long been a fitness fanatic, striving to improve her own and others' health. Over time, her enthusiasm for health led her to become a qualified yoga instructor. She also likes going outside to go hiking or jogging, both of which she does often with friends or family or on her own.

She also likes boating and spending time on the water. She knows how to boat since she has lived in the area for a long time. She likes lounging on the beach in Sarasota when she can't go out on the ocean. When she's not working or following one of her other loves, you'll often find her soaking up the sun.

Shantele Marcum enjoys cooking as well. She appreciates utilizing high-quality products to prepare meals for herself and others. She appreciates a home-cooked dinner, particularly when she has the time to make it herself.

Dancing is another of her interests. Marcum often spends time on the dance floor with his buddies, unwinding. Dance is a method for her to relax and unwind, even if she is frequently too busy to do so.

Shantele Marcum is passionate about giving back to the community. That is why she has chosen this job path: to assist others in realizing their goal of owning a house. Marcum, on the other hand, is a regular participant in charity activities and fundraising for causes close to her heart.

Throughout her life, she has worked with or supported a wide range of organizations. The American Lung Association is one of them. Marcum has also provided Christmas presents, time, and money to Joseph's Home, a homeless shelter that gives assistance to people in need around the region.

Marcum is also dedicated to assisting individuals as and when they need assistance. She also spends time helping with the elderly. She assists them with their special needs whenever she has the opportunity.