Lori Nazemetz


As of right now, Dragon Fighting Systems is owned by Lori Nazemetz. With her family, she currently resides in Huntersville, NC. While she is known today for her business, she was once well-known as a National Football League (NFL) cheerleader between 1997 and 2000.

The majority of Nazemetz's experience is derived from a healthy diet and regular exercise. She's always had a thing for being in shape, and during her adolescence she took part in a wide range of activities. As a result of this, she was chosen to be an NFL cheerleader. There, she learnt a great lot about nutrition and fitness, which she uses in her current role.

Dragon Fighting System: A Brief History

Her current hobby is the Dragon Fighting System. Students are taught martial arts by the organization. Huntersville, South Carolina, is home to some of the most impressive facilities in the world. The program's rigorous training demands necessitate the inclusion of matting areas and crash pads covering several square feet. Instructors that are certified and ranked will be included in this course. The martial arts organizations they belong to, such as the American Traditional Jujitsu Association (ATJA), USJA Judo, and the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJF), rank each of these instructors (USJJF).

Lori Nazemetz and her husband, Kenn, co-own Dragon Fighting System. Training Systems and Sensi both have him as their Owner Director. She is the CEO of Self-Defense Training, a company she founded.

The motivation for Nazemetz's work at this organization originates from his desire to assist others in strengthening their self-defense skills and increasing their self-esteem. This couple's job is dedicated to teaching self-defense skills to people of all walks of life, from beginners to business professionals to athletes. In order to provide the best training possible, the company works closely with each individual.

As part of her employment at Dragon Fighting System, Nazemetz works with pupils one-on-one to provide private training. Classes like JKD Concepts, Jujutsu, Weapons Training, Self Defense, Kickboxing, and others fall under this umbrella term. Traditional fighting jujutsu is a blend of old and new methods, and she uses both. An 1882 Kodokan and an Olympic-style Judo program are also offered by the organization.

Previously Held Positions

Lori Nazemetz began working for a variety of organizations after completing her college studies. Atrium Health is a part of this. She went on to work at Sigma Diagnostics and Quest Diagnostics in the years that followed. Becton, Dickson, and Company was another employer of hers. Throughout the year, she worked in a variety of positions at these companies. Later, she and her spouse founded Dragon Fighting System.


At the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Nazemetz received his undergraduate degree in political science. At the university, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. In 1993, she received her degree. After that, she earned a medical technology certificate from the Carolinas Medical Center.

Life in the Private Sector

Lori Nazemetz was born in March 1970, making her 42 years old. When she was younger, she attended high school in Lexington, NC, and graduated in 1988. In 1994, she graduated from college and began her career. She has always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, which led her to pursue degrees in these fields.

She married Kenneth Nazemetz in 2002, and they have two children together. In 2022, they will mark their 20th wedding anniversary. Three children are in her brood: Cannon, Zade, and Jagger, respectively. A large part of her time is dedicated to raising her children and promoting a healthy way of life for the whole family.

Interests and Hobbies of the Individual

There are several personal interests and activities that Lori Nazemetz pursues on her own time. Because it's a part of her job and her way of life, that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

She's also well-known for having a stunning residence. That's a result of her lifelong interest in interior design and decorating. As a mother and a businesswoman, she devotes a large portion of her time to both.

Philanthropy and charitable donations

Nazemetz devotes a significant portion of her time to charitable endeavors. Volunteer work is a common way to accomplish this. She lends a helping hand to a variety of causes close to her heart as a volunteer. Included in this are organizations such as Angels & Sparrows, Bags of Hope, and the Special Olympic. It is not possible for Bags of Hope to operate as a for-profit enterprise. Children in the neighborhood who may be experiencing food poverty can get weekend meals from the organization. As an added benefit, the group helps to feed the hungry in Lake Norman, Charlotte, and the neighboring areas. For foster children who require assistance traveling from one location to another, this program is an excellent resource.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen with Angels and Sparrows is a great way to help people in need while also teaching the next generation about the importance of giving back. Those in need can also find a wealth of information and assistance at our community table, which also serves as a comprehensive reference center.

Both Lori Nazemetz and the Special Olympics are supported by Lori Nazemetz. She's been doing this for a long time, helping them out financially and practically when needed.