Peter  Foxhoven


Peter Foxhoven was born in the Iowa city of Des Moines.

He went to Iowa State University and Drake University for his undergraduate studies (undergrad and grad school, respectively). Currently, he may be heard on the popular podcast The Appendix N Podcast, which is recognized for showcasing topics such as tales from the life of Conan the Barbarian, among others.
Peter has been featured in EbizNews, in which he discusses that engaging with a client can take place in a variety of ways, including email. In the words of Peter Foxhoven, "building relationships in the business world is such an important element of the entrepreneur's duty." "It doesn't matter what field you work in; you need to have great ties with other professionals—but most importantly, you need strong connections with your buyers."
What matters is that you understand what is vital to your clients and are able to address those demands." It doesn't matter whether you're in the B2B, B2C, or D2C business.
According to Peter Foxhoven, there are five major ways in which a business owner or entrepreneur should engage with their customers:
Recognize Your Audience – According to Foxhoven, if you don't know who you're trying to serve, it will be difficult to establish a working relationship with them. The author recommends that you avoid making assumptions about your audience and instead focus on learning about their actual pain points and motivators before testing speculations about what will appeal to them.
Maintain Constant Communication - Provide constant updates is essential to providing a transparent and authentic service. Keep the lines of communication open. Even if the news is poor, Foxhoven advises that honest updates be provided. Customers will become more frustrated and will lose trust in your brand if they are left to guess what you are up to.
Take stock of how your customers perceive your work and make adjustments accordingly. Checking up with them or sending them a survey is a good method to find out where they stand on your brand. He cautions against taking everything too seriously. However, pay attention whenever there is potential for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to grow your company into something more serious.
Submitting an under-promise and exceeding expectations – Many firms desire to overpromise and then struggle to deliver on their promises. Instead, Foxhoven advises not to make any promises that you aren't confident you will be able to keep. As he explains, "Only make promises about which you are confident." "You may impress your customers by providing faster, better, or cheaper than what was initially promised to them. In the workplace, when you go above and beyond your stated responsibilities, you gain significant respect from your coworkers and superiors."
According to Peter Foxhoven, you must train yourself to be an expert — Build up your professional knowledge and abilities until you are regarded as an expert in your field of work. Foxhoven believes that becoming an expert is critical to becoming the authority that others can rely on to carry out their tasks. As you gain expertise in your field, identifying your niche within your sector can assist you in further attracting the correct audience who will value what you have to offer.
Peter also addresses topics such as Conan the Barbarian's thrilling adventure as he confronts evil wizards and searches for treasure in deep, dark dungeons, among others.
When he is not appearing as a guest on one of his popular podcasts, Peter enjoys spending time with his devoted wife and family.
Peter is the primary caregiver for a two-year-old who has severe physical challenges, and he is dedicated to helping others have healthy and happy lives.