Gordon Hirsch


My name is Gordon, seriously.

I'm an ideator and collaborator that has experience in marketing, planning, public relations, broadcast, print, ooh, radio, digital, experiential, social and events. And have been making things for clients at various brands and ad agencies since 1999.

I believe in learning or uncovering what the brand stands for. What’s its purpose/point of view and why should anyone care? Without understanding those elements, we can’t find the truth. My opinion matters, but it’s always rooted in the truth of the brand vs a best guess. This guarantees that ideas are based on fact and gives the target audience an authentic reason to believe and connect.

I believe authentic connections matter. Making people believe in their brands is what client’s crave. When your target clearly understands your brand they have the best chance to become loyal to it. A fan. With the power to tell others about your brand too. Making people aware is one thing, but in my mind, it’s not good enough. I owe it to clients to make them believe.