Eric Garrett


Garrett, who was born in Steilacoom, WA, returned to his hometown to open his restaurant. "I've always enjoyed the expression "grow where you are planted." When I'm not in Washington, I fantasize about its trees. The aroma of the woods infiltrates your spirit." Garrett turned the old post office in town into a restaurant. In the restaurant's foyer, he maintains a changing exhibit of local and seasonal cuisine exhibited in antique post office boxes.

Eric Garrett is a pioneer in the local and seasonal food movement in Washington. His restaurant, The Hopeful Cup, is known for its Pacific Northwest food innovation. His work is part of the burgeoning Slow Food Movement, a synthesis of philosophy and practice centered on local food. Its followers strive to be the polar antithesis of quick food. Garrett is a well-known forager who is well-versed in Washington's land and terrain. In the kitchen, he rose to prominence by using French methods on local Washington foods.