Lacey Flanagan  Maine


It's no secret that Lacey Flanagan is a lifelong artist. She'd always wanted to work in the arts, but she wasn't sure where her career path would take her. She was enchanted by the vibrant hues that surrounded her wherever she went. Even though she was also interested in musical instruments, she preferred to work with her hands to create beautiful paintings.. She crammed as many subjects as she could while in high school in an attempt to discover exactly what her love was. It wasn't long before she landed on painting.

She enrolled in a wide range of classes to broaden her horizons. She experimented with a wide range of materials, including sculptures, canvases, and several kinds of paints. She was always drawn to bright, vibrant hues, feeling that they held some unique significance. In order to bring forth something fresh, she uses these hues. In her mind, the best in each of her subjects could be brought out by her unwavering devotion to the arts. A lot of the time, things go like this: