A. Alberto Lugo


A. Alberto Lugo received his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000, but then changed his career aspirations and transferred to Cornell University to acquire his Master of Architecture degree. He graduated with honors from the program in 2002 before going on to get further certifications in Building Science and Technology and Environmental Systems. A. Alberto Lugo returned to Cornell in 2003 to pursue his study in environmentally responsible architecture and design.

A. Alberto Lugo has participated in various high-level architectural projects during the course of his two-decade career as an architect. In 2012, he collaborated with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee to plan and design restorations to key public service facilities. The Hagman's Group of New York hired A. Alberto Lugo in 2015 to build the first structure made entirely of sustainable and repurposed materials. A. Alberto Lugo worked extensively with the local urban planning team to construct affordable houses while at Parkins and Rhodon.