Hannah Perez


My name is Hannah Perez and I am an artist and designer in Los Angeles. I have identified as an artist since the moment my mom taught me how to draw aliens as a small child. I came out of high school with a passion for photography and darkroom work, at which point I studied photography in community college, and continued to make personal work as a photographer, painter, and print and zine-maker, exhibiting work around the US. I found opportunities to work with contemporary artists, and and intern at a gallery. Born out of a growing love for houseplants, I spent some time in the California native plant landscaping industry, but knew I must return to the art and design world. I began learning digital illustration and graphic design, and working freelance, which has brought me to my current in-house Graphic Design position at the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants, a non-profit California native plant institution dedicated to education, growing native plants, conservation, and regenerating and revitalizing the California landscape.