aaron gonzalez


Hello My Name is Aaron Gonzalez and I am from Los Angeles California. I was first introduced to the apparel industry at an early age by my father who has been in wholesale manufacturing and production development for over 25+ years. I developed my clothing company at the age of seventeen and my end goal is to leave an impact on the apparel industry and continue to share my passion and vision with others who have the same goals. I recently Graduated from W.P Carey School of Business with a Bachelors Degree at Arizona State University.

I currently have a position as a account manager at Tee-styled where I Received all inbound orders and Coordinate client buys with warehouse allocations. I also Manage inventory levels and maintain minimum / maximum projections. With that I Report projected future buying to plan for mill production / factory planning and Assist in Sales.

I am currently seeking an opportunity where I can apply my skills to further my career.