Casey Grove


Casey Grove loves life in the hospitality industry. He started as a dishwasher in a small family-owned Italian restaurant and worked his way up the corporate ladder, eventually focusing on full-service catering in higher education.

It wasn't long before he became an Event Services Manager at his alma mater, deciding that the school that taught him may be the best employer for his full-time position, leveraging his skills. In 2010, he entered the private sector to become General Manager at a local catering and event rental company.

In 2017, Casey decided he would return to his alma mater, being offered a position as the General Manager of Campus Catering at Penn State University. He was happy to return to the educational institution that taught him the skills necessary to further his career development. After four years in the role, he has recently been tasked to spearhead on-campus catering solutions as the Director of Catering Sales & Strategic Development.

Casey Grove is driven by a desire to see others succeed. Whether developing future leaders as a manager or helping customers find their perfect catering solution, he loves seeing people reach their full potential. When he isn't working hard at his job, you can usually find him spending time with family and friends.