Eddie Castillo


A multi-faceted individual with a mind geared towards creative story conceptualization and delivery of storytelling - in any medium or available social media channel. In recent years, I have realized a passion for the ability to curate ideas into tangible or intangible assets that drive eyes to a product/service. In previous work/academic experiences and projects, I have proven to provide usable input or ideas during stages of product development, an intuitive mind for branding, and even photography in the past year or two. By no means am I a professional yet, but I do find a huge interest for capturing the joys of off-roading and its ability to create unforgettable moments that become a great opportunity to cherish, share knowledge and a story. Currently focused on obtaining a position that will allow me to leverage on my serious interest for the on-going work that goes into building a brand, event planning and its execution with tight deadlines, and interpretation of website analytics that help visualize the performance of marketing initiatives. I pride myself in having the skills to navigate complex issues first and attempt to solve root-problem dilemmas by myself. I hope to land a role within a company that constantly pushes me to find opportunities to learn more by maintaining a curious attitude for problem-solving, project management, and implementation of processes that can improve workflow progression.