Matthew Bates


A passionate, cross-functional, creative, and results-driven global marketing professional with over eight years of tech marketing experience across digital marketing, product marketing, communications, brand marketing, content marketing and merchandising. I believe that data should drive decisions, but with the flexibility of creative to support it, all with the goal of delivering business financial goals and objectives.

A few of my key marketing skills are highlighted below:
Global Marketing • Corporate Communications • Product Marketing • Content Building (whitepapers, sales collateral, blogs, podcasts, design) • Inbound Marketing • Market Research • Video Marketing • Digital Marketing • SEO / SEM Strategies • Social Media Marketing • Project Planning and Execution • Corporate Branding • E-Commerce • CRM • Risk Mitigation • Product Operations • Retail Operations

A quote I achieve to live by: “As a leader, you must keep changing. Not your values, but how you get the message across.”

- Mike Krzyzewski

In my free time you can find my outdoors. Running, riding, hiking – it’s all good.